Wolfram Alpha

Educational App Evaluation Checklist
App Name: Wolfram Alpha
Subject: All Subjects

Use of app is relevant to the purpose and student needs

Help or tutorial is available in the app

Content is appropriate for the student

Information is error-free, factual, and reliable

Content can be exported, copied, or printed

App’s settings and/or content can be customized

Customized content can be transferred to other devices

History is kept of student use of the app

Design of app is functional and visually stimulating

Student can exit app at any time without losing progress

Works with accessibility options like VoiceOver and Speak Selection

App is free of charge

No in-app purchases are necessary for intended use of app

App loads quickly and does not crash

App contains no advertising

App has been updated in the last 6 months

App promotes creativity and imagination

App provides opportunities to use higher order thinking skills

App promotes collaboration and idea sharing

App provides useful feedback
Total s The more checks, the better the app is for education